Social Media explained… the simple way.

Social Media explained… the simple way.

Facebook finally lets me control MY newsfeed

I noticed today that Facebook have introduced a ‘sort’ option on the iPhone app when viewing the newfeeds. AT LAST I am (back) in control of whether I am viewing highlighted stories that Facebook have decided I am interested in or just a realtime newfeeds of what my friends are doing, and believe me I’ll be going with the latter!

Now all I need to do is get my iPhone fixed, after smashing the glass on the back, thanks to the lovely stranger at the train station for knocking into me. (Well done Apple for doubling your revenue on iPhone smashes, as you can now smash the back and the front!)

Anyway, Happy New Year Guys!



My phone!

New iPhone App - Wander

I downloaded a new iPhone App yesterday called Wander. It connects you with strangers around the world and allows you to guide them around your local town/city as well them showing you round theirs’.

It allows you to do this through conversation and sharing photos. I’ve been connected with a lovely woman from the Philippines called Cara and so far so good! Can’t believe some of the food they eat, but it’s great learning about new cultures where ever you are through your phone - and from someone local!

All in all it’s a great app and I recommend downloading it and giving it a try!

Here’s a bit more info they gave with an interview with Mashable.

Check them out here too:

Facebook Changes - Again..

As many of you may of heard, Facebook has yet again changed! For the better, well we’ll soon find out.

Since Facebook launched in 2004, there have been many changes, as you would expect (The evolution of Facebook). Most of these have been met with some backlash from users, however we almost always accept these and move on.

This time however, Facebook has really gone all out. Initially changing our newsfeed at the beginning of last week to feature ‘Top Stories’, to the dismay of many - including myself! I still prefer the old newsfeed, so it’s got to be a minus for this new feature.

However since f8 (Facebooks’ annual conference), on Thursday, they have announced some very interesting and exciting changes to the platform. Here is a break down of what’s to come;

  • You’ll now get a Timeline - a scrapbook of your life on Facebook. Now I have implemented this change on my profile before it’s live release on October 3rd - and I have to say, it’s pretty amazing. As I looked through my time on Facebook I got a bit nostalgic about years gone by and how so much has changed in a short space of time. I’m sure you’ll all understand once it gets rolled out to all users. BIG┬áplus in my opinion.
  • You no longer have to ‘Like’ something. You can now have ‘watched’ a movie or ‘listened’ to a song. Hopefully this will encourage even more sharing across the web, where everything we do or ‘read’ can now be socialised online. And yes, you can theoretically ‘dislike’ something too. Yet another plus for Facebook!
  • Say goodbye to annoying app updates from your friends, kind of…. Facebook has introduced a real-time ticker for all ‘lightweight’ posts from your friends, eg ‘I have just found a cow on my field in Farmville’. So we will no longer have to be spammed by our friends mundane app updates as they tend to their virtual crops. This for me is a BIG BIG plus. I think I need some more grown up friends…
  • You can now watch TV and movies, listen to music and even read news on Facebook. Mr Zuckerberg appears to have reduced my web surfing completely, as I can now do it all on everyones ‘favourite’ social network. If he could now integrate Facebook with my toilet, I would always be connected. But seriously, this is pretty cool, you can watch a show on Hulu, listen to a song on Spotify, or check out a story on Yahoo News. The ticker will tell you what your friends are watching, listening to or reading, allowing you to share the experience with them by clicking on a link. Another plus for the social giant.

Among these major changes, Facebook has released many other features.

  1. You can now subscribe to you friends
  2. Pages can now view who is sharing their content
  3. A Facebook page no longer requires 25 likes to get a vanity URL
  4. Facebook will be reducing email notifications (ironically they emailed me to inform me. I receive no emails from Facebook, so they actually increased their mails to me!)
  5. Facebooks new iOS App copies Twitter and Google+
  6. Facebook add ‘Like’ Button to Google Chrome, allowing you to like any website on the web
  7. Facebook to shutdown Places and Deals
  8. You can now control who sees you posts, i.e just your family, or just your friends.

And to be honest, many many more tweaks. Hopefully this will all add up to a greater social experience for us all, seeing as we probably all have to much invested in the network to ever leave.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Hope you all have a great week.